Free Neutone Morpho Public Beta Released

US Incredibly transformative AI plugin for Windows & MacOS      19/02/24

Free Neutone Morpho Public Beta Released

We reported on Neutone and their impressive AI processing plugins last year; now they're back with a free beta version of their Morpho plugin, promising some impressive sound morphing capabilities. Morpho allows you to morph sounds into a whole host of other sounds - percussion, synth or choirs can completely transform!

Listen to the demos to hear the magic happen - it's pretty mind blowing. All beta testers will receive an exclusive discount on the official launch. Here's what they have to say: 

Introducing Neutone Morpho, an AI plugin that transforms sounds using advanced AI technology, known as timbre transfer. With provided models, this tool can turn any sound into something new.

Neutone Morpho directly processes audio, capturing even the subtlest details from your input. Unleash your creativity with Neutone Morpho!

What is AI Tone Morphing?

With our pre-trained AI models you can transform any incoming audio into the characteristics, or "style", of the sounds that the model is based on. In real-time! Sometimes this leads to surprising outcomes.

Morpho Model

At the core of Neutone Morpho are the Morpho AI models, where the magic happens. You can interact with a loaded Morpho model in two modes to influence the tone-morphing process.

In Macro Mode, you have four macro knobs that allow you to change the general behaviors of the model. For example, the "Serendipity" knob determines the level of randomness in the transfer, with higher serendipity resulting in more complex sound. Each model has its own unique macros. For instance, a percussion model may have a knob called "decay" that controls the decay of each hit.

Listen to some sound examples and get the plugin here:


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