Equinox - Rave New World (1996)

US Documentary with Orbital, FSOL, and Alexander Shulgin      18/02/24

Whether you want some new vocal samples, or an education on the Rave scene circa 1996, this documentary has you covered. It was made for the Equinox series of programmes by UK broadcaster Channel 4 and examines the rave experience from a holistic point of view. Covering the music,the lighting, the new video technology and the neuroscience of ecstasy, it's a deep experience of what the 90s looked, sounded and felt like.

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Programme examines the rave experience from a technical point of view - at the music, the lighting, the new video technology and at the neuroscience of ecstacy - the drug which is part of the rave scene (also known as MDMA. People included are Dr Charles Grob of UCLA, Alexander Shulgin, a phamacologist who is considered to be the father of ecstacy.

Also exclusive music from Orbital and Future Sound of London. Orbital made an album called Snivilisation which went into the top three while FSOL made an album under the name Stakker in 1988.


An alternative source of the video can be found here:


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