Wavesequencer Hyperion - Impressive Modular Software Synth

US Under the radar      15/02/24

At Buchla & Friends 2024, Sonic State had the opportunity to chat to Paul from Wavesequencer about  the Hyperion modular synth. The Hyperion is a VST-3 and AU plugin(also standalone) that is optimized for multiprocessing, allowing for up to 32 voices and 16 layers. Each layer acts as an individual modular patch with unlimited nodes, and there is also an arpeggiator and MPE mode for added versatility. The synth offers a wide range of synthesis types and comes with over 150 node types for patch design. It can be used for both complex and simple sounds, with the capability to handle sample playback and act as an effects processor as well. With its robust features and affordable price tag of $129, the Hyperion offers immense value and has been flying under the radar until now.

For more information about the Hyperion synth and to check out demo videos, visit Wavesequencer on Tracktion Market place.

There's also Theia, a patch player product that provides access to Hyperion's patches at half the price. Theia is a curated set of patches with more musical presets. For keyboard players, while still offering the flexibility to edit levels, arpeggiation settings, and more. To learn more about Theia, visit the Traction marketplace.

Overall, the Hyperion synth impressed with its powerful capabilities, clean UI design, and the dedication of its one-man developer. As a synthesizer, effects processor, and patch player, the Hyperion offers a range of possibilities for both keyboard players and those interested in generative ambient patch generation. With wavesequencer.com as a resource for demo videos, users can get a better sense of the synth's potential.




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