Corsynth Introduces C115 Dual LFO

US Dual LFO for Moog format modular systems      13/02/24

Corsynth tells us that their C115 Dual LFO MU/5U module is a dual LFO with some interesting features. A spokesperson said, "Modulation sources are always a must have in every system and this module can be a good addition to save some space."

Main characteristics :

  • Two LFOs in one space.
  • LFO1 range : 20 seconds per cycle to 20Hz (can be extended using CV).
  • LFO2 range : 40 seconds per cycle to 10Hz
  • Each LFO has an independent Sync input that will reset the LFO.
  • LFO1 is voltage controlled. It has a FM input with attenuator.
  • LFO2 triangle wave is normalized to the LFO1's FM input. This connection allows to create complex modulations without any patching. The normalization will be broken if a patch cable is inserted into the FM input.
  • LFO1 has two waveforms available simultaneously Triangle and Saw
  • LFO2 has three waveforms available simultaneously , Triangle, Sine and Square.

Pricing and Availability:

220€ +VAT

More information:


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