Very Large Grains Psychedelic Machine

US Giorgio Sancristoforo releases Full Blotter for MacOS      12/02/24

Giorgio Sancristoforo describes Full Blotter, standalone software for MacOS, as a ticket to infinity. This is what he has to say about it...

It's a smart little software that can turn any audio file (or song!) into an immense psychedelic, mesmerizing ambient drone. Simply drag and drop a file into the waveform window and prepare to reach the limits of the galaxy, in no time.

Granular synthesis often works using many small grains, Full Blotter instead use a few (ten) very large grains which have sizes of several seconds. The algorithm disintegrates transients and time and transform any audio file into a luscious stream of hypnotic frequencies.

Remixing your music into an ambient megadrone version has never been easier and fun and using the random functions you can let it go alone for hours. You can use Full Blotter to meditate, sleep or well... take a bicycle travel...
Use it wisely!

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