The Trip: Space Exploration Set To 90s Dance Music

US Boards of Canada, Richie Hawtin, & Aphex Twin with NASA footage      11/02/24

The Trip: Space Exploration Set To 90s Dance Music

For those that enjoy space travel, early CGI, and 90s dance music; you've come to the right place! The Trip is an eight-part Channel 4 television series that was first broadcast in 1999, and is available to stream for free on the UK Channel4 online platform. The Trip consists of rarely seen NASA space footage from early days of space exploration to the 1990s, set to a dance music soundtrack - and was created by producer Jacques Peretti.

The soundtrack contains tracks by Luke Slater, Boards of Canada, Richie Hawtin, Aphex Twin, & Mogwai - it was so popular, A CD was released by Shifty Disco containing many of the tracks used in the series. A second series was broadcast in 2001, featuring a wider range of music genres and footage from various sources, rather than NASA space exploration footage. This series has not been made available on Channel 4 4oD.


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