Realtime Automatic Pitch Modulation

US APM Live analyzes your sound and automatically moves the mod wheel      09/02/24

Carp Audio says that, at its core, APM Live is a Universal Mod Wheel using a polished Time-Stretching Algorithm for modulating pitch in Realtime, which is useful all in itself and would be a Powerful and Unique plugin even without it's magic Autopilot feature.

A spokesperson told us, "Sit back and watch as APM Live analyzes your sound, automatically moving the Mod Wheel for you."

Here's more details from the company...

Adjust Sensitivity, Wheel Weight, and use the Detection Filter to tailor Autopilot's response. Choose when the Mod Wheel moves, set Modulation Speed, Range, and change the Modulation Shape effortlessly.

The modulation is displayed on a simple display and can be changed to different ranges to suit your modulation amount.

Controls & Features:

  •     Mod Wheel - Amount of Pitch Modulation
  •     Range - Range of the Modulation
  •     Rate - Speed of the Modulation
  •     Sync - Matches the Modulation Rate to your Project Tempo
  •     Sync Rate - Divides your Project BPM into a Rhythm
  •     Shape - Shape of the Modulation to Sine, Triangle, Ramp, Saw or Square
  •     Autopilot - Automatically controls the Mod Wheel
  •     Weight - Weight of the Mod Wheel to make Autopilot handle it differently
  •     Sensitivity - Detection Sensitivity of Autopilot
  •     Handling - Make Autopilot move the Mod Wheel after impact, or on impact
  •     Detection Filter - Customize how Autopilot reacts to your audio with a Bandpass Filter
  •     Listen - Routes Detection Filter signal path to the Output

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at £41 (Regular price: £49)

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