Create Powerful Breakdowns, Builds & Drops with F9 SNARE

US Extensive sample library for all genres      09/02/24

F9 Audio is back, with a new release focused on the SNARE! Designed to house all the snares you need, covering a vast range of expertly-sampled sources, processed to perfection. In this video he shows us how to use the pack to create professional breakdowns, builds & drops in your music! Here are some details on the release:

Create a SINGLE FOLDER to organize a huge and expansive SNARE! collection across as many genres as humanly possible. Nothing could quite prepare us for the journey. It has re-defined the word 'Epic' at F9.  

If there is one sound that can strike fear into even the most seasoned and experienced producer it has to be - The SNARE! 

Hardware used for this pack:
TR 808, TR 909, TR 606, BOSS DR110. BOSS DR110, Boss DR 55, Analog Ryhm, MC505, DM5, Mirage, Electribe R, Electribe SX, Drumbrute, RD6, RD8, RD9, TR505, TR626, TR8, TR8S, DRM1 MKIII, R100, SDS V, SDS 8, Soviet Drum Synth, Synare, DX, S1100, AS10, SU700, Great British Spring, Lexicon 300, DP2, MR-10,LD2 With exclusive EPROMs, Pioneer Toraiz, TR8S, Drumlogue, MPC X, MPC 3000, MPC 2000XL, RD8, RD9, RD5, Jomox X Base 9, Jomox Mbrane, Elysia Nvelope, API 512, SSL Fusion, SSL BUS+, GML 8900, 8200, Neve 33135, HCL Solution,S612, TLA M3, Tip Top Audio Eurorack, Erica synths Eurorack, A-Designs REDDI, Lil Devil EQ, API527. API 550A, Apogee Symphony, DBX160X

1047 Sampled Snares (in 33 Categories)
462 Synth-Based Snares (Sampled Round Robin)
488 Layer Audio Files
357 Vintage Sampler Resampled Snares 

70+ Patches For:
Logic Pro X 10.5.1 Onwards (including M1/2 and all modern OSX editions)
EXS24 support for Logic Pro 10.2.4+
Ableton 9.5 Onwards (Standard or Suite)
Ableton 11 Onwards (Standard or Suite) /  Ableton 12 (Standard or Suite)
Bitwig 4.4 onwards 
Kontakt 5.8.1 Onwards (Full version required) 
MPC V2.12 software (including MPC beats - Free HERE ), all standalone MPC editions, and Akai Force 
Halion Sonic SE 3 Onwards ( Free HERE ) 


Find out more on SNARE on the F9 Audio website:

About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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