New Soundset For U-he Diva

US SoundsDivine's Director's Cut Vol.2 contains 150 new sounds      08/02/24

SoundsDivine has released Director's Cut Vol.2, a set of 150 new sounds for U-he Diva.

A spokesperson told us, "Inspired by movies like Star Wars, Interstellar, The Edge Of Tomorrow, The Abyss and Blade Runner , this set features hypnotic swirling pads, immersive digital soundscapes, ethereal pads, evolving crystal pads , dystopian synth sounds , dreamy sequences and epic string sounds."

Director's Cut Vol.2 is also available as part of the Cinematic Sensations bundle, which now features over 400 sounds for Diva.

Pricing and Availability:
Intro price until 21st Feb: €20 (Regular price: €29)

More information:


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