Innovative Technique For Chopping Audio in Renoise

US Resample following the playback position      08/02/24

Renoise is an fully fledged tracker for the modern world, and it's unique features often set it apart from other DAWs. In this video, we learn a very interesting way to chop audio, which even the Renoise devs may not have considered. As you play back a track, it's possible to scroll through all of the playable patterns, which immediately start playing - so it's possible to completely chop up and resample different parts together.

The video above subsequently inspired this next one from MrZensphere which offers some additional tidbits... 

The result is similar to Glitch2, Turnado, and other effects processors - but it's built into the DAW itself! 

Nice find from Groovin in G! More from him here:

More from MrZensphere

Find out about Renoise




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