Synth From A Past That Never Was

US Xhun Audio releases RawPrime physically modeled hybrid synthesizer      07/02/24

Synth From A Past That Never Was

Xhun Audio tells us that RawPrime is a physically modeled hybrid synthesizer, built using specific digital and analogue electronic components derived from the 1970s-1980s telecommunications industry. Here's more details from the company...

Meant to be a real-world replicable device and manufactured using vintage electronics, RawPrime features a very original synthesis approach : at first it generates huge amounts of aliasing signals on purpose, then it uses that aliasing signals as its sole sound source.

An expressive analogue filter, a set of modulators accessible from a matrix interface, two multi-effect slots and a creative polyphonic arpeggiator just complete the picture : RawPrime aims to be one of the all-time favourite vintage synthesizers, from a past that never was.

The Past That Never Was
It's truly fascinating how deep and distinctive certain vintage devices can sound. They were built many decades ago, using components with loose electrical tolerances and adopting manufacturing processes miles away from today's standards of perfection. But they sound great, expressive and genuinely bold.

For this reason, RawPrime makes use of late-1970s / first-1980s telecommunications-class numerically controlled oscillators (NCOs) and digital to analog converters (DACs) components, carefully modeled in the virtual realm thanks to today's CPUs real-time processing power.

Internally, this hybrid digital-analogue components are arranged in a very original way, in order to generate a great amount of overtones exclusively from the aliasing signals produced by such imperfect vintage technology.

All this raw sound material is then crunched by an expressive 2-pole resonant low-pass diode-ladder analogue filter with a specific, uncommon design.

An additional non-resonant high-pass analogue filter, three analogue envelope generators, two digital sinusoid LFOs and a full modulation matrix just open the doors to extended sound design possibilities.

Two insert/master effects slots and a creative multi-mode polyphonic arpeggiator complete the setup, making RawPrime a premium performance synthesizer for both live use or studio productions.

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