New Sample/Track Seller Marketplace

US Wavetick says that they are putting creators first      06/02/24

Wavetick tells us that they have launched a two-sided beat-maker marketplace with key unique features. Here's the details in their own words...

Established by former Splice exec and Sample Magic founder Sharooz Raoofi,Wavetick is a unique two-sided marketplace enabling the easy sale or purchase of copyright-free beats with clear, flexible terms.

Producers can onboard frictionlessly to the platform and readily sell works in just seconds, and be paid instantly by connecting their Paypal account.

The platform commission fee is lower than Bandcamp at just 12.5%.

Wavetick enables the sale of one-off, limited edition (1 of 10, 1of 100 and 1 of 200) and unlimited
licenses of products. Sellers can set their own pricing in their own currency.

The platform allows sample packs, full stock tracks, presets and MIDI files to be sold.

Buyers pay one price for ALL usages - so a track can be used restriction free in a new work without the need for any additional license fees.

Products are auto-tagged by a unique purchase tier colour, giving users easy to understand but robust terms for the license of their work.

Having launched in early January the site already offers more than 20,000 individual stems and sounds across 800 products. In addition the site also includes a powerhouse in-house sounds label - Wavetick Sounds, with over 40 releases covering esoteric electronic genres through to classical strings and Lofi hiphop styles.

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