Multiband Master Bus Processor

US Reflex Acoustics releases PlugMaster      02/02/24

Multiband Master Bus Processor

Reflex Acoustics describes PlugMaster as a multiband effect that energizes your master bus, using intelligent compression, gating and saturation that you can dial in quickly--because it's automatic. Here's the details in their own words...

Imagine how many controls you'd need to fine-tune in order to calibrate a traditional eight-band mid-side dynamics processor:

  •     16 compression thresholds (8 mid + 8 side)
  •     16 gate thresholds
  •     16 saturation drive controls
  •     16 make-up gains
  •     ...and then do it all over again each time your material changes in loudness.


PlugMaster has none of these controls, because they're all handled automatically. There isn't even a "listen" button for calibration--just press Play in your DAW. You can customize the sound if you want to, but the plugin will start adding its personality to your mix with no manual effort required.


  • Eight frequency bands, with solo ("S.") button for each band
  • Automatic threshold--use the "Compression" knobs to control how far the threshold rides below the peaks in your signal
  • Frequency-dependent attack timing designed to preserve transients
  • Variable global release time
  • Simple multiband gate with adjustable range up to 6dB
  • Subtle multiband saturation with automatic gain-staging on each band (oversampled if project sample rate is below 80kHz)
  • Parallel processing via dual gain-matched dry/wet mix controls for dynamics and saturation
  • Automatic make-up gain to match perceived loudness
  • Mid-side processing (100% unlinked)

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