BAF 2024: Mystic Circuits - Idum - Ana 2

US New modules from mystic circuits      29/01/24

At Buchla And Friends 2024, Eli from Mystic Circuits showed us some of their new modules. They announced that Idum, a gate effect proccesor which had been out of stock for a long time, is back and redesigned. Idum now has a new firmware update that adds requested features such as the ability to put on more than one mode at once. They also demonstrated improvements to the behavior of the looper, allowing for more flexibility in capturing inputs.  
Eli then revealed their upcoming module, Ana 2. This module is an analog logic module that offers various combinations of signals for ring mod-type effects. The new version of Ana now includes LED indicators, a multiply input with a bipolar VCA on both inputs, and additional output options such as the cut output and swap output.

Idum Price: 295 USD

Ana 2 Price: TBC


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