BAF 2024: New Systems Instruments - New Modules

US New modules for super-saw, FM like tones and a function generator      28/01/24

At Buchla and Friends 2024, Sonic State caught up with Evan from New Systems Instruments to discuss their latest modular offerings. Evan showcased three main modules: the Triphase Oscillator, the Harmonic Shift Oscillator, and the Inertia function generator.

The Triphase Oscillator offers three phases of a sawtooth oscillator with a bipolar mixer, allowing for extensive control and the creation of unique super saw sounds. On the other hand, the Harmonic Shift Oscillator provides control over level and stride which controls the spacing between harmonics, enabling users to create a wide range of sounds with non-integer spacing between harmonics. This FM-inspired oscillator introduces a unique twist by omitting negative frequencies typically associated with inharmonic FM. The Inertia function generator, with its rise and fall momentum controls, allows users to shape snappy envelopes, add peaks, and even function as an LFO at extreme settings. Additionally, it can serve as a versatile filter, producing squelchy filter sounds.

All of these modules are currently available on the New Systems Instruments website and selected stores. The Triphase Oscillator is priced at $385, the Harmonic Shift Oscillator at $365, and the Inertia function generator at around $345.


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