NAMM 2024: Baby Audio - Atoms Gets Physical

US Brand new physical modelling synth      27/01/24

Sonic State caught up with Michael from Baby Audio at NAMM 2024 for a first look at their latest creation, Atoms. Atoms is a physical modeling synthesizer which introduces a unique concept known as a mass-spring interaction network, providing a rich and evolving organic texture. Michael explains that Atoms distills a complex underlying model into six simple parameters, allowing for a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Michael demonstrated the physical modeling technology, which uses a network of masses and springs excited by a virtual bow to produce sounds. The interface offers a visual representation of the underlying physical processes, providing users with a deeper understanding as they experiment. Atoms boasts an internal automation system, contributing to its evolving, organic texture. With a range spanning from natural spring-like textures to sci-fi cinematic atmospheres. 

Atoms Available: Feb 7th 2024 Introductory Price: 59 USD

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