NAMM 2024: Korg - Microkorg 2

US Microkorg gets a brand new synth engine      26/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State got a sneak peek at the new prototype MicroKorg 2 from Korg. This updated version of the popular MicroKorg synthesizer features a metal case, a big LCD screen, and a simplified interface with color-coded knobs and a bright screen for easy sound control. The synth engine has been completely redesigned, offering a wider range of sound design possibilities, including digital and sample-based waveforms and three oscillators rather than it's older brother's 2. The MicroKorg 2 also boasts an improved effects section with three blocks, and a built-in loop recorder that allows for audio looping of both internal and external sources.

While the MicroKorg 2 is still a prototype, it is expected to be available later in the year, possibly during the summer. The price point is tentatively set at around $600, making it slightly more expensive than the original MicroKorg. However, Korg will continue to offer the MicroKorg XL and MicroKorg S models alongside the new MicroKorg 2. With its updated features and expanded sound possibilities, the MicroKorg 2 seems to be a promising addition to Korg's synth lineup.


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