NAMM24: Korg Re-release the Legendary PS-3300 FS

US Blimey. How Much?      22/01/24

The Korg PS-3300 is one of the legendary synths from back in the day, rare has the proverbial rocking horse poo, the fully polyphonic semi-modular is one of those holy grail synths -the amount of electronics packed in the 49 note polyphonic synthesizer (the original had only 48) is not to be underestimated.

If you've ever seen one in the flesh, they are impressive. Korg have decided to go for it, and are not minifying or microfying it either - they are going full fat on this - hence the FS tag - although that maybe leaves the door open for a smaller one, or perhaps the 3100 or 3200?

Korg PS-3300 FS

With three oscillators per voice and a three band resonator and semi modular architecture, its a lot of synth. 

Additions include an extra voice  - thank goodness eh? :-) But also lso added MIDI and  extra memory locations (256) the original actually had 16.


Its a beast and as such this full scale recreation will set you back a few quid - $13000 to be exact, but an original, there's  one on that was listed on Reverb  a couple years back for £71,400 (we don't know if it actually sold for that) so happy days!

We're assuming limited edition, and its made to order and will be around late 2024 according to the Korg facts - so plenty of time to save up then.

It will be at NAMM and no doubt there will be something of a queue, but we'll have a crack at it for sure.

The only footage we could find of the original was Will Gregory's shot by Sound On Sound (note to self, time for a visit to the Frapp studios...)

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