Korg - New NTS-1 MK2

US Still tiny and DIY but impressive though      19/01/24

We're big fans of the diminutive Nutekt Korg NTS-1 here so we're happy to hear that there's a MK2 out.

The synth engine sounds pretty good with slots for those code modules by Sinebives and the like, plus you can load FX algorithms too.

The NTS-1 MK2 is also a DIY kit  (zero experience required) has a refreshed case - with a new multi-touch keyboard - that's got to be better than the ribbon of the original, a USB-C connector (yay!), MIDI output (as if you might want to use it as a controller :-) and a power button, plus a new sequencer - 8 step - step record only, with plenty of Oscillator models, new FX - mainly in the drive and distortion areas. Oh, and a new Synced Delay mode with 12 delay options - synced to the sequencer.

There's a redesigned Logue SDK which allows people to code their own oscillator models and FX  should you wish.

More of a refresh than a totally new set of capabilities, though the new connectivity and seq are fun. We often use ours as an  FX processor - there are some great algos in there.

The MK2 is available soon and while it does offer some new stuff, there's a hefty price increase - we hear the RRP is  $170 (£130ish) or thereabouts, which is quite a hike from the original, which is still out there at about £80.

Still despite it's size and look, its a pretty powerful little machine.


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