Podcast: Sonic TALK 787 - Yamaha Seqtrak, Liven Mega Synth

US Stylophone CPM DS-2 Fader Hub      18/01/24

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68:37 mins


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00:00:16 SHOW START
00:01:50 AD: SonicState Patreon
00:07:21 OSMOSE Competition (ends Jan 20th)
00:12:36 Yamaha go all TE with Seqtrak
00:23:43 AD: iZotope Ozone 11
00:24:39 Blue Cat Fader Hub
00:37:45 AD: N.I. Kontrol S Series
00:38:35 Liven Mega Synthesis
00:49:29 Another Stylophone Instrument: CPM DS-2
00:58:53 NAMM and Buchla Events

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