Stylophone Get Busy With New DS-2 Drone Synth

US Standalone twin osc, twin filter machine      14/01/24

Stylophone are certainly kicking off 2024 with a burst of new products. First we got the Stylophone Pitch Theremin, now we have the CPM DS-2 Drone Synth - with a pair of 3340 oscillators, twin 3320 filters, multi-wave LFO and on-board FX.

Its a new direction for the company and people seem to like where its going. The CPM DS-2 is available for pre-order priced at : approximately $259 €239 £209, available soon - Link to order:

CPM DS-2 Features

  • 2 analog 3340 oscillators
  • 2 analog sub oscillators
  • 2 analog 3320 filters with drive
  • 14 analog LFO waveforms
  • 2 LFO wave selectors
  • 7 LFO routing switches
  • 5 LFO depth attenuverters
  • 12 modular patch points
  • 8 vintage AL3201 reverb algorithms
  • 1 vintage PT2399 delay with modulation
  • 1 effects mixer with aux input
  • 2 stereo outputs
  • 1 built-in speaker
  • 6 AA battery compartment
  • Eurorack compatible

We hope to be able to bring you an in depth look shortlly.

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