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US e-instruments releases Desolate Guitars      18/12/23

e-instruments has announced Desolate Guitars, which they describe as an enigmatic guitar instrument for NI Kontakt. Desolate Guitars is a collaboration with pro guitarist and producer Seton Daunt, who has worked with acts ranging from Yungblud, 5 Seconds of Summer, Kylie, and Nelly Furtado. Here's the details direct from the company...

Designed for music producers and composers seeking beautiful and ultra-realistic guitar tones, the handpicked collection features four classic guitars each meticulously recorded through two vintage amps with plucks, chords, swells, and more. A real spring reverb signal complements this as part of the core sample set to create a virtual guitar instrument like no other.

Picture the evocative and ultra-authentic guitar tones that transport you into the moody landscapes of David Lynch's cinematic worlds or the pulsating indie vibes reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys. It's a love letter to that classic sound: your favorite guitars plugged straight into iconic vintage amps, drenched in spring reverb, and decorated with tremolo.

Desolate Guitars utilizes the classic combination of Shure SM57 and Royer Ribbon R-121 microphones, tracked through Shelford Channels by Rupert Neve Designs, and high-end AD conversion.

Behind Desolate Guitars lie sought-after, classic vintage amps, often referred to as the American clean and British chime. These amps, with their carefully selected tubes and speakers, are yours to blend between in real-time, transforming each note with the authentic charm that defines an era. As for the spring reverb signal, it's not your average reverb. e-instruments have captured the liveliness of a real spring reverb separately across both amp signals. The result? An ever-evolving, dynamic reverb that adds depth and character to your music.

Every facet of Desolate Guitars focuses on the authenticity of the sound, right down to the tremolo including genuine tremolos modeled from the vintage amps used. e-instruments painstakingly recreated these tremolos to offer an exact sound faithful to the originals, ensuring that your music carries the spirit of the classics.

Desolate Guitars places a premium on authenticity, playability, and versatility by streamlining the user experience - no cumbersome key switches or controllers. The sounds you crave are effortlessly accessible, delivering expressive plucks, lush chords, dynamic swells, harmonics, and mesmerizing feedback.

Articulation options include sustains, mutes, vibrato bar performances, and chord/looped texture patches with major and minor variations. Every preset effortlessly spans both vintage amps, presenting as dry and wet signals giving you full control over amp sound and spring reverb levels, enhancing your creative command. With Desolate Guitars, effortlessly explore a new realm of musical expression.


  • Four Iconic Electric Guitars Immerse your productions in the authenticity of classic guitar tones, meticulously captured for timeless appeal.
  • Two Classic Vintage Amps Choose or blend between two classic vintage amps synonymous with these tones.
  • Tremolo Effects Explore authentic tremolo effects modeled from vintage amps, with added styles inspired by popular pedals and sync-to-host functionality.
  • Extensive FX Chain A wealth of powerful FX chain presets designed by guitarists with easy access via macro control.
  • Diverse Articulations Explore a wide range of articulations, including plucks, chords, swells, feedback, harmonics and more.
  • Vibrato Performances Infuse your music with expressiveness using vibrato bar performances for sustained notes.
  • High-End Recording Enjoy studio-perfect sound quality all captured via Rupert Neve Designs® pre-amps.
  • Versatile Sustains Create dynamic compositions with sustains and mutes, enhanced by different guitars and amp settings.
  • Chord Options Choose between major and minor chords for versatility in chord and looped texture patches.
  • Intuitive Modwheel Control Seamlessly switch or blend between various articulations using the modwheel for enhanced playability.
  • Compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 7.6.1 or free Kontakt player.
  • Native Instruments NKS compatible

Pricing and Availability:
Intro Price: €99,00 / $99 (ENDS JAN 14 2024)
Regular Price: €149,00 / $149

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