12-Voice Semi-Modular Monster Synth

US SonicProjects releases OP-X PRO-3 for MacOS and Windows      11/12/23

SonicProjects has released OP-X PRO-3. They describe it as a 12-voice semi-modular monster synth which fulfills virtually all requests and wishes from users collected over the recent years. Here's the details in their own words...

The synth offers:

- A new logically re-structured interface collecting related features in clear function groups
- No more hidden features
- A new hybrid patch-browser both emulating the former banks and offering extended features
- The extended features include a search function, favourites and categories
- 5 envelopes (4 polyphonic, 1 mono)
- 4 LFOs (4 global, 1 per-voice)
- 10 filter types (7 lopass modes, hipass, bandpass, notch)
- Dual filter design offering seamless morphing for filter mix and filter modes
- 2 oscillators offering Sawtooth, Pulse, Sine and Triangle
- 3-oscillators (moog-like) and sub-oscillator implicable by preset chords
- Hard sync, cross-modulation (x-mod) and ring moduation
- Yamaha-type sine-fm for bellish sounds
- An extremely sophisticated Modulation-Matrix offering 5 slots (3 poly, 2 mono)
- The modulation sources even include the voice-board trimpots
- Separate up/down controls for Pitchbend and separate control for Modwheel
- Pitch- and Modwheel can be detached completely and freely assigned in the Matrix
- Octave switcher extended with a two-octaves-down button
- Added modulation effects (Chorus, Double Chorus, Flanger, Chorus-Flanger, Phaser, Ensemble)
- Unosono priority switchable between last, lowest and highest note
- Arpeggiator/MIDI-Processor featuring 32 function modes
- Switchable-off pedal-hold function for arpeggiator (apply hold hands-free by pedal)
- The modes include normal arpeggio, preset chords, chord hold, note-doubling and an 8-step-sequencer
- The normal arpeggio modes offer pitch-order, input-order (JP-8) and radomized order (JP-8)
- A new digital-display always shows the currect arpeggiator mode as well as the knob mappings
- A dedicated hard-wired control for pulse-with-modulation key-tracking
- Smoothed aftertouch-input for stepping-free aftertouch using low-resolution aftertouch
- A board-view showing the inner workings of the synth offering some extra-controls
- The extra controls include further voice-board trimpots and voice-reset on song start or manual
- MIDI learn now offering mapping of one source to several destinations
- CC imput can be processed relative or fetched for value-jump-free operation
- In-plugin GUI-size switcher offering two reality-proven sizes
- 300 new sounds showing off the incredible new features
- 3'000 first-class sounds in total included with an estimated value of $600
- A dedicated section offering an alphabetically sorted library of 475 famous 80s patches

Pricing and Availability:
OP-X PRO-3: €99 incl. VAT
Upgrade from previous version:  €35  excl. VAT

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