Wave Arts Releases FinalPlug 7

US Plug-in combines a lookahead peak limiter with ITU BS.1770 loudness metering      08/12/23

Wave Arts tells us that FinalPlug combines a lookahead peak limiter with ITU BS.1770 loudness metering. A spokesperson said, "FinalPlug can be used as an insert effect, providing limiting for gain staging or volume maximization, or can be placed at the end of your mastering chain to guarantee your audio meets loudness and true peak delivery requirements."

Here's more details direct from Wave Arts...

The FinalPlug interface could hardly be simpler. When used as a loudness maximizer, select a desired output ceiling level, say -0.1 dB, and then adjust the threshold level. As you decrease the threshold you increase the volume.

To meet loudness and true peak delivery standards, select the "Analyze" preset and then select a delivery target specification. This sets up the integrated loudness and true peak target levels. Then play your session. The integrated loudness and true peak levels are displayed as the music plays, and will be colored orange if they exceed the target levels. At the end of the playback, click MATCH. This sets the limiter parameters to meet the target specification. Playing the session again will yield the desired integrated loudness level without exceeding the true peak level. You can now export your compliant audio.


  •     Sonically transparent peak limiting, for use as peak limiter or volume maximizer.
  •     True peak limiting mode.
  •     Auto-release mode.
  •     Limiter oversampling up to 8x.
  •     ITU BS.1770 loudness metering.
  •     Writes loudness and overflow state as automation parameters.
  •     MATCH button automatically configures the limiter to meet loudness and true peak delivery targets.
  •     Preset menu of common industry delivery targets, or make your own.
  •     Bit depth truncation from 4 to 24 bits.
  •     TPDF dithering with comprehensive noise shaping options.
  •     Customize the UI to show only the features you need.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at £48.99 (Regular price: £98)

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