1010 Music Tangerine Is BooCast Synth of the Month

US Wait what?      07/12/23

We already had a Five Minutes With from Chris at BooElectric, on the 1010 Music Tangerine.  One of the reasons we thought Chris would be a good fit to look at it, is that the live setup of the Battery Operated Orchestra uses the good old Akai MPX8  (see our review from 2013)- which for the time, was a great way (or maybe just an affordable way) to load and trigger samples. However,  loading a full song's worth (Boo uses a pair of them to live trigger stems live) can take way longer than a good joke or two. See our recent EMOM where they played...

The Tangerine offers way more sample storage via microSD for both longer samples (eg stems) and also multi-sample playback for pitched instruments with filtering, envelope, modulation and FX - hence the synth tag.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, Chris has added the Tangerine as his synth of the month for their monthly BooCast. And has posted that segment as a separate video where he goes more in depth.

Check the latest BooCast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gENZGBzX_jA

They've also got an album out  "Compulsory Games" which is really jolly good and made #45 in the Louder Than War Top 100 Albums of 2023 between CMAT and Gorillaz,

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