SRM Sounds Launch Max Richter Piano Library

US Mellow toned grand piano with plenty of options      05/12/23

Max Richter is an artist and composer  with a long list of releases, film and TV credits. At his countryside studio Studio Richter Mahr , he's got a lovely Steinway Model D Spirio | r grand piano which forms the centrepeice of the main live space. This instrument forms the basis for the first release for his new sound imprint label SRM Sounds , under which a range of sound products for music creators.

The Kontakt based instrument Max Richter Piano takes  this specific piano which is voiced to play quietly, with atmosphere - they say:

If you are looking to cut through a busy mix, then go elsewhere, but if you want to evoke the intimate stories we all carry inside us, then you will be well served by this instrument and the rest of the forthcoming collection.

Recorded in great detail with a range of modern and vintage mics, and focusing on the softer dynamics, this is an accurately sampled, precision virtual instrument, capable of performing the level of detail required to access the level of emotion and atmosphere typical in Max's work.

It certainly does sound good...

Key Features

  • 2 instruments total ~98GB
  • 3 microphone positions per instrument
  • 5 Round Robins
  • 10 dynamic layers (ppp to mf)
  • 2 varieties of reverb
  • Action, dampers & pedal volume control
  • Velocity sensitivity control
  • Kontakt Player library (Version 6.8.0 or higher required)
  • NKS compatible


£119 / €135 / $150 (Intro)

£149 / €169 / $185



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