AC-DR - Acoustic Drum Machine From Sonic Couture

US Real Drums, mechanised      04/12/23

Sonic Couture has announced their new drum machine plug-in based around Kontakt Player. They describe their approach as: 

an old school-style drum machine. But we wanted to do it with 21st century sampling techniques: round-robin samples, multi-channel sounds, generative sequencers.

And from what we can hear, they've taken a interesting approach, as well as the ability to change individual elements of each sound: BD has - BEATER (mic on the beater), SUB (mic at front), KNOCK (shell contact mic), TRANS (analog drive process) and SPACE (echo chambers from Rockfield studios) 

Every element of each drum has plenty of editing parameters - including sample start, envelope and filtering.

AC-DR also has sequencing options - Euclidean Beats, Poly Beats, Beat Shifter, that those of you who use other Sonic Couture instruments such as Electro-Acoustic will be familiar with.

Sonic Couture - AC-DR

Each layer of each drum voice also has round robin of 10 samples each, many samples were taken using the Polyend Perc, now discontinued robot drumming system for complete repeatability.

UI run through video:

AC-DR  is available now as a library for Kontakt 6.8 player (NKS compatible) or full and above and is a 2.9GB library at 24bit/96kHz, with 90 preset kits, accent/normal velocity layers

Sonic Couture are currently offering 30% discount at £97.30 (normally £139)

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