Audio Modeling & GPU Audio To Accelerate SWAM Products

US Physical modeling ecosystem to get GPU power      28/11/23

Following the release of Vienna Power House with Vienna Symphonic Library, GPU Audio have announced another partnership, this time with the team at Audio Modeling. Their plan is to focus on the SWAM product range, bringing GPU power to the Physical Modeling ecosystem. Here's the news in their words: 

Audio Modeling and GPU Audio have announced another groundbreaking partnership that promises to redefine the possibilities of virtual instrument technology. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in the world of music production by integrating state-of-the-art GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) technology to amplify the capabilities of Audio Modeling's SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling) product line. Their plan is to not only enhance existing products but also to breathe life into instruments that were once mere dreams. 

The alliance between Audio Modeling and GPU Audio is poised to unleash unprecedented processing potential, enabling SWAM instruments to go beyond existing barriers related to conventional computational limitations. The resulting synergy is poised to unlock new horizons for the art of physical modeling and music-making within Audio Modeling software.

Simone Capitani, Partner at Audio Modeling has said: "Our partnership with GPU Audio represents a colossal leap forward in the realm of virtual instruments. By merging our expertise with the cutting-edge technology of GPU Audio, we aren't merely pushing the envelope but shattering the boundaries of what music technology can achieve. The increased computational power will enable us to surpass the existing limits of technology, fostering the development of even more lifelike instruments. In the world of physical modeling, the possibilities are boundless, and we believe we are only at the beginning of something truly extraordinary."

Bill Collins, Head of Product and Partnerships, GPU Audio says: "We've discovered like-minded collaborators with Audio Modeling, who are actively exploring the frontiers of music technology. Together, we share a common goal: to provide composers and producers with cutting-edge music production tools. This goal will come to fruition as we integrate our accelerated audio processing capabilities with their next-generation SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling) product line."

SWAM is a new-generation technology that enables musicians, performers, and composers to overcome the classic limitations of traditional samplers. The SWAM engine combines concepts of Physical Modeling and Behavioral Modeling with the Multi-Vector/Phase-Synchronous Sample-Morphing technique. The SWAM engine is currently available in 3 different versions: SWAM-B, SWAM-W and SWAM-S for modeling Brass, Woodwinds, and Bowed Strings.


For more information on GPU Audio and Audio Modeling, check out their respective websites. 

GPU Audio

Audio Modeling


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