Free Toolkit For Sonic Destruction

US Lofi Oddity is a degradation toy box      27/11/23

Aberrant DSP tells us that  Lofi Oddity, available now for macOS and Windows in VST3, AU, and AAX formats, is a free toolkit for sonic destruction and experimentation. They say that, incorporating effects from SketchCassette, Digitalis, ShapeShifter, and ????, Lofi Oddity is an immediate and easy-to-use ear candy playground.

Lofi Oddity includes:

  •     Corruption module for digital artifacting and stutter effects, inspired by Digitalis
  •     ?????? full of uncharted spaces
  •     Tape effect featuring a greatest hits of SketchCassette's warm, degraded tones
  •     Comp section for extra glue and punch, inspired by ShapeShifter
  •     Master Mix control allows any combination of settings to reach from tasteful to abominable
  •     Custom preset system with 18 factory presets illuminating Lofi Oddity's broken soundscapes

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