Tiptop Audio Releases Buchla 296 Module

US Model 296 Programable Spectral Processor is available for pre-order      23/11/23

Tiptop Audio Releases Buchla 296 Module

Tiptop Audio tells us that they are celebrating the official release of an important project that they started 2 years ago: the remaking of Don Buchla's mega module, the Model 296 Programable Spectral Processor. They say that it is now available for pre-orders at their dealers at $699. Shipping to the dealers from the companywill start November 30. Here's more details direct from Tiptop Audio...

The 296 was first introduced in 1978 and very few were ever made. Making a module of such complexity at a time when electronic schematics were drawn with pencils, with 48 filters that were most likely hand calculated is just incredible. The 70's were a great era of exploration and proof of audio electronics scientific theories, but for Don Buchla it seems like it was always something beyond theory. The 296 might at first look like an equalizer, but Don had totally different ideas for it. He managed to pack into it a 16 band analog modular spectral processor, a cross band vocoder plus a massive amount of patch points to work with his synthesizer system.

We are very proud of this project, so much has gone into making it, and thanks to your strong support of the 200t project we are able to price it like a mass produced product.

To learn more about the 296t please check out the user manual. As its name implies, the 296t is complex and worth spending the time reading the user manual.

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