New Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

US EP–133 K.O. II is the latest evolution      23/11/23

New Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

teenage engineering says that, in 2015, they released the first pocket operators; a series of affordable and portable micro synthesizers and samplers and now, with the world's most sold sampler PO-33 K.O. as a blueprint, they are introducing the next evolution, EP–133 K.O. II. Here's the details in the company's own words...

EP–133 K.O. II is a powerful sampler, sequencer and composer. record sounds around you, sequence your samples and loops, tweak and automate filter, pitch and more, add stereo effects, compressor and next-generation punch-in effects - go from idea to track faster than ever.
            •           built-in mic and speaker
            •           6 stereo voices / 12 mono
            •           64 MB memory, or 999 sample slots
            •           built-in effects
            •           pressure-sensitive keys and multifunctional fader
            •           sampling frequency: 46 kHz / 16-bit
            •           1x stereo in/out, sync in/out, midi in/out and usb-c
            •           powered by 4x AAA batteries or via usb-c.
            •           dimensions: 240 mm x 176 mm x 16 mm
            •           comes in a limited edition 10" collectors box

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