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US Analog Cases releases resizable desktop XTS Stands system suitable for any gear setup      14/11/23

Audio accessories brand Analog Cases, known for their ultra-lightweight materials and sleek aesthetics, is expanding into new territory by announcing availability of its XTS Stands in two sizes. They say that they are suitable for any gear setup as a readily resizeable desktop system to elevate your creative workflow with supreme stability while putting a straightforward studio (or stage) solution within easy reach of anyone. Here's the details in their own words...

As a straightforward studio (or stage) solution that quite literally elevates creative workflow with supreme stability, Analog Cases' XTS -- so-called 'Xtendable' -- Stands surely speak for themselves. That said, though, who better to formally introduce them to the wider world than company CEO Greg Pritchard. "We're all about designing products that help musicians with their creative work in very practical ways," he begins, before digging deeper: "XTS Stands are amazing for improving your posture, workflow, and organisation in the studio, and they're a great add-on for live performance as well."

With all that in mind, then, XTS Stands can be readily resized to accommodate any modern-day music production gear, ranging from smaller-sized effect pedals all the way up to larger Eurorack modular synth system cases, and are flat-packable for easy transportation. Thanks to their 100% solid sheet metal construction -- no plastic parts are involved and no assembly tools are required, up to 25 lbs/11.3 kg can be safely supported while improving ergonomics and studio organisation by elevating gear off the desktop where it can be positioned within easy reach of anyone at any time. Two XTS Stands sizes are available, so finding the right solution for specific studio requirements is made even easier as a direct result of that design decision.

Duly designed to accommodate any compact device -- such as Akai's MPK mini (MIDI keyboard controller), Arturia's KeyStep 37 (controller and sequencer), Electron's Digitakt (drum machine and sampler), Roland's SP-404 MKII (creative sampler and effector), and Universal Audio's Apollo x4 (desktop audio interface), or other similar-sized gear, small-sized XTS Stands are adjustable to any length between 6.6"/16.8 cm and 10.4"/26.4 cm, while large-sized XTS Stands are adjustable to any length between 10.5"/26.7 cm and can safely support larger devices -- like Ableton's Push (standalone expressive instrument), Akai's MPC Live (beat-making drum sampler), and Arturia's KeyStep Pro (polyphonic sequencing controller keyboard), or other similar-sized gear -- even accommodating a larger Eurorack modular synth system case (such as Make Noise's 7U 104HP offering), for instance. In the case of large-sized XTS Stands, multiple pieces of gear can be held side by side by adding a separately-sold XTS Flex Tray, also available in two sizes -- 13.3"/33.8 cm (capable of holding two or three small pedals or synths) and 17.7"/44.9 cm (comfortably accommodating a Digitakt alongside Elektron's Digitone digital synthesizer, two SP-404 MKIIs, two medium-sized pedals such as Strymon's BigSky multi-algorithm reverb or TimeLine multi-algorithm delay and looper, or up to five smaller-sized pedals).

Put it this way: "Whether you've got a simple setup with an audio interface and MIDI controller, or desk full of hardware synths and drum machines, XTS Stands are for you." So says Greg Pritchard, excitedly ending on a high note: "Ever since we built our first prototypes, our whole team at Analog Cases have been obsessed with using them in their studios, so we're thrilled to make them available to musicians everywhere."

Pricing and Availability:
Small- and large-sized XTS Stands respectively retail for $42.00 USD and $49.00 USD, while the 13.3"/33.8 cm Flex Tray and 17.7"/44.9 cm Flex Tray (for large-sized XTS Stands) respectively retail for $29.00 USD and $34.00 USD; all are exclusively available in the USA from Analog Cases while international distributors and retailers that will be carrying the products include Sonic Sales -- EU and UK distribution, REV3 -- Japanese distribution, and Moog Audio -- Canadian retail.

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