NI Announces Brainworx bx_console AMEK 200

US Mixing and mastering plugin based on analog studio hardware from the 1980s      08/11/23

Native Instruments has announced the Brainworx bx_console AMEK 200, which they describe as a powerful new channel strip for mixing and mastering that delivers the transparency, precision, and detail of 1980s mastering-grade analog hardware. Here's what they have to say about it...

Meticulously modeled after some of the most desirable analog studio hardware of all time, bx_console AMEK 200 combines the sounds of the AMEK EQ 200, the AMEK Mastering Compressor, and the Gate/Expander feature from the bx_console AMEK 9099. This unique combination of sounds and features would be impossible to produce as a hardware unit in the real world, putting a wide range of mixing and mastering possibilities at your fingertips.

Product highlights

  • With the AMEK EQ 200 section, recreate the unique sound and unwavering clarity of a legendary parametric equalizer from the early 1980s.
  • Get stunningly transparent dynamic control from the AMEK Mastering Compressor's processing.
  • Precisely mimic the component tolerances found in real analog hardware thanks to TMT – Brainworx's patent-registered Tolerance Modeling Technology (US Patent No. 10,725,727). Each track mixed and mastered exhibits subtle variations and unique sonic characteristics, just like the individual channels of an analog console.


All of this is wrapped into a CPU-efficient channel strip plugin, making it a dream come true for audio professionals who love the color and character of vintage analog hardware.

Pricing and Availability:
bx_console AMEK 200 is on sale at $299 USD (Regular price:$399 USD) through December 7, 2023.

As part of the introductory offer, purchasers will also receive the AMEK EQ 250 for free (a $349 value).

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