New MPS 10 Performance Drum Pads From Korg

US Innovative multi-channel looping and triggering      08/11/23

Korg have just announced a pad playback and looping system - the MPS 10 - looks like its aimed at giving the somewhat dominant Roland SPD range a run for their money.

With 6 main pads, plus 4 CC pads - which can be used to affect parameters of the sound, its got library of 2,350 assignable instruments and more than 3000 high-quality samples that range from single hits to  dynamically expressive instrument tones . Plus, with the dedicated USB storage port, you can access and load your own samples and trigger those - maximum sample length of 60 minutes.

Another major feature is the four track audio looper, allowing for the quick, standalone building of your own riffs and patterns (some sounds are pitched and tuned instruments).

Korg MPS 10

The video we found was by @HALmotohashi and is so far the only one, but I'm sure there will be more coming soon.

Connections look decent too, with two sets of stereo outputs, stereo line in, mic in both can be used for sampling,  4x trigger ins for external pads, USB for computer hookup, but only a MIDI output, no options for external MIDI triggering sounds?!? (Oh Korg, sooo close!)

The Korg MPS 10 is expected to be priced at around £995 making it a little more expensive than the Roland SPD-SX (around £749) but that price may drop at street to be more inline with the competition.

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