Melbourne Instruments Updates NINA Synth

US Version 1.4 firmware adds Morph as modulation destination and new scopes      06/11/23

Melbourne Instruments has releases Version 1.4 Firmware for NINA. This is what they have to say...

Firmware version 1.4 adds SCOPES and WAVETABLE VISUALISER, making it easier to select appropriate wavetables, and allowing you to see the waveforma in XY Scope and Oscilloscope modes. The new feature takes advantage if Nina's high-res display to offer a generous size, and also persistant waveform views even wihile editing other aspects of your patches and presets.

The new firmware also adds MORPH as a Modulation destination, allowing you to modulate Nina's MORPH function via any Modulation source such as Aftertouch or Expression. This means you can effortlessly move between two vastly different sounds using only your controller's keybed/pads/expression control. Nina allows you to define an A and B patch within each present, and MORPH subsequently allows you to smoothly blend from A to B, a create new and unique timbres across the Morph range.

The added ability to modulate Morph via your chosen modulation source presents a dynamic new feature for Nina users, making it possible to to smoothly transition between two different sounds without having to adjust the control panel or paramenters. Using Aftertouch or Velocity (with MPE) lets you move the Morph position using the MOD source just as you would by turning NINA's Morph knob. This new features gives both players and sound designers a unique feature not currently available on other analog polyphonic synthesizers. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

We asked Melbourne keyboard wizard Mike Pensini to take our 1.4 update for a test run. Check out Mike's short video covering many of the new features included in the new firmware update.

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