Knobcon 23: MIDI Blaster and Noise Machine

US From inc.      02/11/23

At Knobcon 2023, we caught up with Zach from inc to check out their latest offerings, the Noise Machine and the MIDI Blaster. The Noise Machine is a compact Bluetooth MIDI controller that boasts 12 buttons, each assigned to send different MIDI notes, making it a versatile tool for music production. Alongside the buttons, an effects knob lets you manipulate your assigned effects, while a bank slider offers access to various button configurations, including drum and sample chopping banks. The Noise Machine is designed to be compatible with a range of platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, Mac, Windows, and any system that accepts Bluetooth MIDI. Its low latency, under 10 milliseconds, ensures that it performs almost as quickly as USB MIDI, making it a valuable addition to the arsenal of music creators seeking a portable and responsive MIDI controller. The Noise Machine is available for $99, and you can find it on the inc website.

In addition to the Noise Machine, Zach also showcased the MIDI Blaster, a unique MIDI controller that operates like an infrared theremin, translating hand movements into MIDI CC or MPE notes. While you won't hear the sounds directly from the MIDI Blaster, it offers a fascinating way to control MIDI parameters with hand gestures, adding an innovative dimension to music creation. The MIDI Blaster, priced at $200, is another intriguing option for musicians and producers looking to explore creative MIDI control possibilities. To purchase these products and learn more about inc, visit their website at, where you can explore these unique controllers and find additional details and purchase options.



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