New AudioFuse 16 Rig Multi IO From Arturia - Review

US Up to 32 ins and 26 Outs with ADAT      24/10/23

Arturia today announce their latest in the AudioFuse range - these go back to the first AudioFuse which offered a decent level of connectivity and quality converters at a reasonable price. Since then there have been more additions to the the desktop range - the AudioFuse Rev2, AudioFuse Studio and the AudioFuse 8Pre - an 8 channel ADAT Mic preamp. We also have the MiniFuse range.

New today, is the rack-mountable AudioFuse 16Rig, thich gives us 16 inputs with 2 combi-mic channels, 10 outputs, plus 2 additional ADAT connections to give you up to 32 inputs and 26 outputs. 

With on board routing circuits for a re-amping output (send signal to guitar amp level), alternative monitor outs for 2 sets of speakers, plus mirrored inputs on the front panel on 1/4 and 1/8th jack (plug your phone or other device in).

There's monitor level control on the front panel, plus comprehensive Mix and routing features available via the front panel data-wheel, AMOLED and dedicated buttons.

MIDI is taken care of with 2 MIDI outputs and a MIDI input on Din on the rear panel,  a USB-C connection to the computer, front panel device input  (class compliant) and a 2 Port USB Hub (one front, one rear) for additional devices connected.

AudioFuse 16Rig

The 16 Rig can run in MIDI standalone mode with routing via the front panel for MIDI Dins, USB Device and clock, with 8 project storage locations for MIDI and audio routing setups.

MIDI control of the input and cue functions is possible, though at the time of this review, this was fixed. Arturia tell us that this will soon be updated to work with MIDI learn though.

Routing is comprehensive, with inputs to outputs, 4x cue sends and monitor outputs. This is one area that you cant access from the front panel, screen and data wheel, but most of the rest of the functions are.

Overall, this is a comprehensive set of features and could easily integrate into your studio or live setup, with the drivers being pretty efficient and enabling low latency throughput and monitoring. 

In an ideal world, I'd like to see direct to USB recording and some DSP on input channels - but at this price that's a bit of a pipe dream.

The AudioFuse 16Rig is a quality audio interface with a lot of nice touches that take into account how you might want to use and connect this in a studio setup, but with plenty of possibilities to integrate this into a multi-output live setup. Its also expandable using ADAT IO of your choice which makes it something you will most likely keep in your system for some time.

They call it a a "High Density Audio Centerpiece"  -  that sounds about right, nice work Arturia.

AudioFuse 16Rig is shipping now priced at €1299 + Taxes


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