Sound Magic Releases Grand Slam Bundle

US All Sound Magic Products In One Package      23/10/23

Sound Magic Releases Grand Slam Bundle

Sound Magic has announced the release of the Grand Slam Bundle featuring all Sound Magic products, along with a free Halloween Presets Package for Piano One and the full line of Sound Magic pianos.

A spokesperson told us, "As its name suggests, Grand Slam bundle contains over 80 products from Sound Magic. That is the full product from Sound Magic. It covers audio effects with dynamic, eq, and reverbs. It also features pianos, strings, guitars, bass, ethnic instruments, woodwinds, brass, and drums. With this bundle, you will have all the weapons needed for a producer."

Sound Magic says that the Halloween Presets Package features several presets that can create a horror piano sound. For best results they should be used with an upright piano. To grab it, please visit Piano One page.

Pricing and Availability:
Grand Slam Price: $2,799.

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