Did You Know The Playfader Has A Wild Side?

US Experimental fun with Play All Day's CV Instrument      15/10/23

Hadj from Play All Day has shared some exciting new videos of the Playfader, a versatile two-channel CV performance looper designed to empower modular musicians. We've seen the Playfader and it's bright, inviting exterior before, but new footage shows the instrument's wild side!

PlayFader has dark side, don't be fooled by all pretty colours, our...video shows the less conventional and, frankly, crazy side of PlayFader.

The main idea is to explore playing with the speed of the clock input. Recording patterns at slow clock rates and then speeding them up really fast. Channel A is playing with BIA by Noise Engineering and Channel B is having fun with Michigan Synthwork's SY0.5 and both are running into the mighty M T2D dual triode distortion by Sonocurrent. It's hard to explain the setup, but things go nuts! Due to the fact the looper and clock divisions are always tight, cool patterns emerge and when you speed the clock up, you get interesting low-bit res waveforms and glitchy mayhem.

If the above video is a little fierce for your tastes, check out the Playfader in a pleasant polyrhythmic mood instead:


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Posted by MagicalSynthAdventure an expert in synthesis technology from last Century and Amiga enthusiast.


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