Synthfest UK 23: -Bandcamp Alternative?

US New independent digital distribution      09/10/23

At SynthFest 2023, we caught up with Tom from Artcore, an innovative self-releasing music marketplace. In a time of uncertainty for Bandcamp users following its acquisition, Artcore offers an alternative platform designed with a focus on electronic music, although open to all genres. Artists and independent record labels can upload their music and set their own prices.

Notably, Artcore provides more DJ-oriented features, such as prominently displaying metadata like BPM and key, making it a valuable resource for DJs seeking new tracks. Additionally, the platform offers royalty split functionality, allowing labels to easily manage payments to artists and collaborators, making it a compelling option for both artists and labels. Artcore's non-exclusive approach and user-friendly features make it a promising platform for independent musicians to explore. To learn more and get involved, visit the Artcore website at

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