Behringer's USB-C MIDI Host Concept Looks Pretty Useful

US Host To MIDI and back again x6      04/10/23

Behringer's USB-C MIDI Host Concept Looks Pretty Useful

Behringer once again trail a product concept via their social media - this time its a set of USB-C MIDI utilities, with a current product range working title of the "GO Series" (cough, Roland), one is the GO MIDI Host   a small  box with a pair of USB-C connectors, one for host and one for power, plus as MIDI in and MIDI Out.

They also previewed the 5-port version GO MIDI Host 6 with a common power connector (12v dc) and five discrete USB-C host ports, each with its own MIDI In and Out port. 

These look like a really useful pair of products, especially given there are so few USB-C MIDI devices out there, they are still in industrial design concept stage, but Behringer are suggesting that these will retail for $19 and $49 respectively.

Great idea. Nothing else online apart from their Facebook page:

On which they regularly complain about not being supported in the media btw.

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