Apogee Launches Duet 3 Limited Edition Set

US Duet 3 audio interface bundled with Duet Dock and plugins      03/10/23

Apogee Launches Duet 3 Limited Edition Set

Apogee Electronics has released the Duet 3 Limited Edition Set, available exclusively at Guitar Center in the US and select stores worldwide. They say that this special bundle gives customers an array of innovative tools to shape their recordings and kickstart any project. Here's the details in their own words...

Be A Part of History
In 2007, the original Apogee Duet redefined the expectations of a home studio interface. The Duet revolutionized independent recording, empowering musicians, producers, and engineers with legendary Apogee sound quality, elegant design, and effortless ease of use.

This new limited edition set pays homage to the standards set by the iconic original Duet and offers customers the biggest value yet. Creators will receive the Duet 3, the Duet Dock and 3 of the best-selling Apogee plugins. Providing everything required to break through and fulfill their potential. This limited edition is worth a total value of $1,473 and is now available at Guitar Center for a limited time for $699 (USD).

Included plugins:
Pultec EQP-1A & MEQ-5: The only Pultec plugins officially licensed and endorsed by Pulse Techniques (the official manufactures of the complete Pultec line to the original design specifications).
Clearmountain's Spaces: Reproduce some of Bob Clearmountain's favorite spaces with his signature reverbs that will set your mixes apart.

Inspired Workflow
The Duet 3 is a powerhouse when it comes to a portable pro audio interface. And, when paired with the Duet Dock, the overall experience is elevated. The angled positioning and rear-panel connectors of the Duet Dock help tidy up your desk.

Collaborate in Harmony
Connecting the Duet and Duet Dock introduces an extra headphone jack, enabling seamless collaboration and focused creativity.

Limitless Possibilities
With the Duet 3 Limited Edition Set, you gain access to an exclusive kit of sound-shaping tools. Utilize the onboard DSP with Symphony ECS Channel Strip or experiment with the three included plugins: Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec MEQ-5, and Clearmountain's Spaces. Elevate your productions and mixes with added dimensions.

Pricing and Availability:

Duet 3 Limited Edition Set is available for $699 (USD) on September 26th, 2023 exclusively at Guitar Centers in the US and select stores worldwide.

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