Bristronica 2023: Enjoy Electronics - The Godfather

US 4 input creative multi-effects machine      02/10/23

We saw Angelo from Enjoy Electronics, who gave us another look at their versatile multi-FX device called The Godfather.
It offers four input channels, each with a range of parameters for shaping sound. Each channel features a saturator, a unique double pulse delay algorithm with flexible positioning, reverb with adjustable parameters and dedicated filtering, pan control for stereo width, compressor with side-chain options, gain staging, and EQ shaping. The Godfather allows for intricate sound manipulation, enabling users to craft a complex mesh of modulations and FX combinations. Angelo demonstrated how it can transform a simple synth line into a rich and evolving sound with various effects and modulation possibilities, showcasing its potential for sound design and experimentation.

Since its prototype stage, The Godfather has evolved significantly, offering new features such as enhanced LFO options, sync modes, and an expanded range of delay times, now totaling 16 different time options. Angelo also hinted at an upcoming software update, further enhancing the device's capabilities. The Godfather is currently available for purchase at a list price of £1,159 but is on promo for £949. 

Enjoy Electronics The Godfather Price: £1,159. Promo Price: £949



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