Bristronica 2023: Modular Perfection - Eurorack Cases

US Beautiful cases in gorgeous wood      01/10/23

At Machina Bristronica 2023, we had a chat with Rob from Modular Perfection, the craftsman behind some beautiful wooden Eurorack cases. These cases are made from a variety of lovely woods, including American ash, walnut, and cherry. Rob handcrafts each case and adds the power supply and rails himself, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics. The cases feature a vent for heat dissipation, and their modular design allows for expansion, making them versatile for different setups.

Rob's background in antique restoration and furniture making shines through in the quality of his work, and these hand-crafted cases ooze quality.

Prices range from around £200 to £450, depending on the wood and additional features.



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