Bristronica 2023: Midicake - ARP And Some

US Multi-Channel Parametric MIDI Arpeggiator      01/10/23

We had a chat with Chris from Midicake at Machina Bristronica 2023, where he introduced us to Midicake ARP, a versatile MIDI controller and sequencer designed to help musicians explore new dimensions in live performances and composition. Chris's journey from computer music to hands-on hardware led to the creation of ARP, a device that frees up musicians' hands by interpreting and playing synth parts based on predefined rules. It features four arpeggiators that are highly customizable and parametric, allowing for unique and evolving musical experiences. ARP supports MIDI over USB, MIDI host, and standard MIDI connections, providing flexibility in integrating it into your setup. With 16 banks of 12 patches, you can store various song configurations and switch between them easily. ARP is UK-assembled and is available for purchase worldwide through their website. For more in-depth demonstrations and insights, you can check out Midicake's YouTube channel 

Midicake ARP Price: £320

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