New Demos Of SILHOUETTE The Visual Synthesizer

US Scan images, make real-time waveforms      29/09/23

We've been following the progress of the SILHOUETTE EINS since we first saw it at Superbooth a couple years back. Essentially  it's a synth which uses images and videos to create synthesized waveforms. The latest version actually does sound to visuals too, which can then be visually scanned for further audio playback! Its a pretty unique concept, and one that appeals to our resident visuals expert MidiError.

In the continuing evolution of the instrument, they have released a couple ore videos which demonstrate its unique capabilities.

The above demo they describe as " a compilation of 7 rhythmic sound-jams"

Whereas the one below: "is a more poetic one. An approach to The Waves"

We wont pretend it doesn't come at a price though, you can buy the EINS directly from their website priced at around €4000.



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