Truly Wet Reverb

US Deep Waters is a reverb plugin made from water samples      21/09/23

ZAK Sound tells us that Deep Waters is a reverb plugin made from water samples, designed to create atmospheric and immersive spaces. They say that this unconventional approach allows users to craft unique reverbs that transcend the ordinary. Here's more details direct from the company...

Deep Waters was created from 77 water recordings, including rivers, beach waves, mountain streams, waterfalls and rain.

By loading these sounds via convolution reverb, we created and programmed the Deep Waters plugin to produce deep and beautiful reverbs.

This results in the creation of unusual reverbs that stand out for their immersive sound and the organic texture of flowing water that is perceptible within some of them.


  •     77 audio sources for convolution reverbs.
  •     83 presets divided into four categories: Atmospheric reverbs, huge reverbs, medium reverbs, and small reverbs.
  •     Parameters: Delay, lowpass, highpass, and fade-out.
  •     Randomizer function.
  •     Adjustable reverb range.
  •     Resizable GUI.  
  •     Built-in delay.
  •     150MB installed.

Pricing and Availability:
£16.45 until September 27th (Regular price: £23.50

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