Patching Panda Release Punch MG

US Just don't get in a fight with it      21/09/23

Patching Panda are back with the Punch MG (MG stands for mute groups). A 4xVCA/Decay module with a mixer, decay, and amplitude control, individual envelope signal output, and a unique circuit named "Mute Group".

You can send any number of triggers to Punch MG, and the signals shared by the mute group will interact with each other, muting the ongoing signal. Additionally, if two signals trigger at the same time, they will limit each other's amplitude with a short, pleasant decay time. Meaning you don't need to worry about clipping.

There is an option to link two modules and have up to eight signals interacting with each other with the mute group effect. Because the amplitude and decay time is affected by the other signals, you can find interesting patterns by focusing on only some channels. Punch MG was designed to help users enjoy more patching and find inspiration with their modular and it certainly is an interesting take on creating interesting patterns.

About the author MATTHS: MATTHS makes music production videos on Youtube, releases music on bandcamp and his main website with all thinks can be found here.

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