blöcks - A Drawing Based Sequencer And Percussion Synth

US The new sequencer on the block      20/09/23

There are many sequencers out there, especially in the world of Max For Live world but blöcks takes a whole other approach -as a drawing-based sequencer and percussion synthesiser.

The premise works quite differently to your traditional step sequencer. Click or drag blocks to draw the sequence, add hold or ratchet icons to make sequencer stop or ratchet at required step. Connect blocks together to make them sound at the same time and use 4 different color blocks, each controlling color-coded sequencers.

Apart from the sequencer there is a percussion synthesiser enabling you to blend between percussion types, change high-pass or low-pass filters, add distortion, ring/amp modulation or move your sounds around with comb-filter spatialiser and rhythmic delay. MIDI mapping is also available allowing you to control additional effects, or run a separate blöcks-MIDI edition to use the sequencer with any other plug-in.

What's your thoughts on this one and whats your favorite sequencer?

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About the author MATTHS: MATTHS makes music production videos on Youtube, releases music on bandcamp and his main website with all thinks can be found here.

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