5 Minutes With: Crazy Tube Circuits Sidekick JR

US 80s inspired multi-fx pedal      19/09/23

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Announced today, the new Sidekick JR is a multi-FX pedal inspired by classic 80s FX.

Based on the Sidekick released in 2019, the JR combines the most widely used time based FX from the 80s era and beyond. With Modulation: ensemble, dimension, flanger, Echo: tape and digital, Reverb: plate, spring, hall, gated, exciter and shimmer.

In this Five Minutes With - 80s synth aficionado Paulee Bow breaks out the Ensoniq VFX SD and gives it a workout.

The street price for the Sidekick JR is €289 Euro and €49  for the matching artwork XT footswitch
For more info visit: www.crazytubecircuits.com/sidekick-jr

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